Swimsuit shopping in winter

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Swimsuit shopping. One word: hell. Always. In the middle of winter when I’m at my palest – enough to invoke an anxiety attack.

I head to Vietnam in three weeks, I’ve got to get it together. My outfits for the trip are top of mind. Oh, and the medical kit. Yeah, that’s important, too.

No way will I be hunting for swimwear in the middle of Hanoi, where all sizes are tiny, it will be 35 degrees, and I’ll have a seven year old in tow. Now is the time.

In the middle of winter.

I’d read online that the summer celeb look is a sexy rashie top paired with a bikini bottom. Great. That’s got swimming in a relatively modest country sorted.

There is one window in the month that I know I can do it. It’s psychological. It’s emotional and it’s hormonal. It’s now.

So I took myself to a swimsuit factory outlet in Alexandria. I was feeling pretty good after the cancer-scare diet and just pleased to have a body to put in a swimsuit. This was my mantra and I was sticking to it.

Then I got to the change room. Three. Way. Mirrors.

If we were meant to see what we looked like from behind, our necks would be able to swivel all the way round? Right? They don’t.

When will retailers learn? Never. Three. Way. Mirrors.

There wasn’t a huge selection of rashies as the look is so ‘new’ I was told, so they were still at the shops, not yet at the outlet. One of the two that was there was a James Bond gal style – white and black one with a zip.

Zip can be right up for modesty and sun protection, or zipped to just the right place to be sexy. Yep. So I needed the bikini bottoms to go with it. I started cruising the range of black bikini bottoms.

Then I did something I have never done.


I got a white bikini off the rack. White. Bikini.

I got it on and it worked. It actually worked!

Even with my winter skin. The cut was just right.

I felt that rush. The shopping endorphin buzz.

I’d always checked out those chicks on the beach in white bikinis. Admired them. Brave and bold, they liked their bodies. They didn’t give a shit what anyone else thought.

I just got myself a white bikini.



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