The Bachelorette – it’s a wrap

Who will leave broken-hearted?
Who will leave broken-hearted?

Sam Frost has chosen her man. It’s all over. She’s found love.

She’s handed out her final rose.

My weekly appointment with love has now come to an end. I feel so empty.

The Bachelorette.

It’s wrong on every level. Yet so right. It’s about finding the one. On TV.

It’s sensory overload.

The music, the flowers, the mansion, the fairy lights

The rush of the group dates… all those men demanding attention. Egos clashing, competition in full swing, peacocks strutting their stuff.

Nothing makes me squirm with uneasy pleasure like the rose ceremony. It’s agonising. It’s gripping. It’s predictable. It’s brilliant.

The music, the flowers, the mansion, the fairy lights, the love couch, the first kiss…

It’s about the journey. The escape. It’s a holiday from real life.

And now that Sam has found her happily ever after, how will I fill the gap?

What will become of my night on the lounge with wine and cheese and chocolate?

What will become of the connections it has created? The three-way texts with my work pals? Witty exchanges that made me laugh out loud.

The new people I’ve met at work? We’ve sat within 20 metres of each other for a year, but I didn’t know their names.

Now we gather and gush. Call impromptu meetings.

Will that end?

One of my best friends moved away this year. We don’t have time to chat – between work, kids, life. But there’s time when The Bachelorette is on.

At barbecues, one mention of The Bachelorette and the conversation’s on. No awkward moments. Best friends are made. Doors are opened.

It’s an unbreakable connection. Just like Sam and Sasha’s.

It has been a massive journey.

I’ve had the time of my life.

I’ve embraced the adventure.

I know exactly where my heart lies.

I have no regrets.

I’ve put all my cards on the table.

I wasn’t left empty handed.

But, sadly, the time has come…

To say my goodbyes.


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