Pot of magic

Cacao mousse, macadamia toffee jar You will never guess the main ingredient in the mousse. Ever. I tested it at my dinner party last weekend. No one got it. It hadn’t even crossed their minds. It’s fluffy and a little grainy, it absorbs the cacao and honey like a sponge and the result is rich … More Pot of magic

Bounty Bliss Balls

No sugar. No gluten. No dairy. No DATES! An irresistible combo of rich cacao and coconut, these balls really are bliss. They taste like a cross between a Bounty bar and Whittaker’s coconut chocolate. The balls are the perfect thing to satisfy that after-dinner sweet craving. They take minutes to make and only minutes to … More Bounty Bliss Balls

Raspberry, white chocolate, macadamia muffins

These melt-in-your-mouth muffins won’t go on my ‘healthiest’ list – they are decadent. They are indulgent. They could almost be called cup cakes, the way the muffin is so fluffy inside. The juicy tartness of the raspberries is counteracted with the sweetness of the gooey white chocolate chunks throughout, and the macadamias add a chunk … More Raspberry, white chocolate, macadamia muffins

Sensational summer muffins: coconut & mango muffins

Mango is my favourite fruit. I go a bit crazy when they’re in season. Have them for dessert every night, make mango daiquiris, have them for breakfast. So I decided to try them in muffins. Biting into the juicy mango centre is heaven and the crunchy coconut is like the icing on the cake. They are … More Sensational summer muffins: coconut & mango muffins

Chicken & corn soup

Chicken & corn soup This soup is a mid-week winter winner. With an Asian-flavour infusion, it’s quick to make, filling and delicious. Need to call out to my work mate, Anthony. We sit opposite each other all day and make each other laugh. He had a similar soup for lunch, with prawns instead of chicken (see … More Chicken & corn soup