Let’s get physical

Let’s get physical I need to exercise. It gets me out of my head. I think a lot. Given the chance I can stay inside my mind for days. Searching, analysing, recapping. I’m a storyteller. I tell myself the stories. Advertisements

Fuck Father’s Day

Father’s Day. A reminder to my boy that his father is not in his life. Reminders everywhere. School. This year, my boy’s class has been preparing. For weeks. Weeks of reminders. Of what a ‘family’ should be. A smiling happy family in a Bunnings advertisement.

Whatcha staring at?

I read an article recently in Psychologies magazine. On the plane, on my way to Singapore. It was about staring. Taking time out of the day – to stare. The journalist set herself a task to stare for 30 minutes a day. No distractions. It was a psychological experiment. It drove her crazy. At first. … More Whatcha staring at?

And I ran

I used to point at runners and say ‘why would you do that?’ I didn’t run. No way. Two years ago a work friend decided she was going to go in the City to Surf. She’s never run. So twice a week during our lunch breaks we’d get in the car and go to Sydney … More And I ran

Switched on

‘Whatcha doing?’ I asked my man as he was poking the ceiling fan with a broom. It wasn’t on. ‘Just flicking the switch.’ ‘What switch…’

Pet shrimps

Space is premium in the inner west. So sometimes having a pet is out of the question. Dog? Yeah, requires a lot of space and energy and cleaning. Cat? Ok, but needs to be managed to protect local birdlife. Rabbit? Would love a Flopsy, but the last one ate through all the cables in the lounge … More Pet shrimps

Saturday arvo stroll

Love the back lanes of Newtown. Saturday afternoon is the time to catch some of the graffiti artists doing their thing. The lanes near Young Henry’s Brewery were buzzing on Saturday. The intoxicating smell of spray paint, the red eyes of the artists, the onlookers hanging out smoking. Every week there’s something new.