Push pause

It has been a while. Life changes are abounding. My body and emotions are changing, heading into an altered state and I don’t want to go through it alone. Every woman on the planet will go through or has gone through this. Where are they? Why are they not online chatting about it? Opening the … More Push pause

Thou shalt love thyself

So for the first time ever, I contacted a medispa. I enquired about injectables. I’m getting older. We all are. I work in the media industry. There are fresh new faces waltzing in every day. I work on fashion magazines. I see the ads. I write the ads.

The lump, part 1

I stood in a shadowy section of the car park and cried. It was dark and I felt safely hidden by the trees and the lighting. Enmore Design Centre Car park is quite lovely, I hadn’t been there before. I took a short cut on my way home. As I entered the top gate I … More The lump, part 1

The lump, part 2

‘They want you to have an MRI.’ The Dr was facing me, watching me. ‘There’s concern it may be a sarcoma.’ The words I didn’t want to hear. I looked at the floor. I couldn’t breathe. ‘Yeah, there’s a mass in your muscle, which is an unusual spot, so the Dr who did the ultrasound is … More The lump, part 2

The lump, part 3

He pushed the tray I was lying on into the cylinder. My nose was about 10 centimetres from the top. It was like a coffin. Oh fuck, a coffin. I took a deep breath and slowly exhaled counting back from 5. It didn’t work. The machine was noisy. I didn’t know MRI’s were loud. MRI’s … More The lump, part 3